Cooperation agreement with the Company Novadim

Dear Customer,
As you might probably know, A DUE is constantly growing while striving continually for granting sustainability to its enhancement.

We are consequently looking for strengthening and expanding our support to Market Operations providing full-scale customer services. Our goal is to establish a network of partners with market knowledge and, even more important, technical capabilities to support our Customer during the entire Life Cycle of our equipment.

We are then proud to announce about the cooperation agreement we have recently signed with the Company NOVADIM FOOD TECHNOLOGY, represented by General Manager Mr. Pierre Anid.

We are confident that, thanks to Pierre Anid’s comprehensive expertise and NOVADIM team experience and skills, our presence and support in the Middle East region will be even more appreciated by you than ever.

What we do expect from this collaboration is to build together in a reasonable time a technical support based in the region, with the necessary investments in people and their training, to make it quick, effective and satisfactory for our several customers in the area.

Your current contacts in A DUE will remain unchanged as NOVADIM will become part of the Team, fully integrated in our work flow and not replacing or representing any additional “layer” preventing A DUE from being always closer and closer to you.

In case you are not already in contact with NOVADIM, these are the contact data:

Building El Arz Center 6th floor
Jal El Dib High Way – Beirut – Lebanon Mail:
Tel.+961 4 714046


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