ADUE and REPUTE are thrilled to announce their association, created to provide the Indian Market with the best technological solutions in the beverage preparation and water treatment sector.

REPUTE Engineers Pvt Ltd is an Indian company, led by Mr. Dinesh C Nambiar, serving the Indian food & beverage processing industry since 1998.

Simone Squeri, CEO @ADUE speaking:

REPUTE and ADUE, driven by the intention to exchange their expertise and experience, will cater the Indian market with ADUE’s technology and Know-how implemented and serviced by REPUTE’s experience in this field and infra structure availability.

ADUE will provide REPUTE with all the necessary technical support to enable REPUTE to manage customers’ requests and to offer the best possible products and service.

I congratulate my partner, Mr. Dinesh C Nambiar, on this agreement which is also a sign of mutual esteem between our companies and I trust that together we can achieve excellent results.

I also want to thank Mr. Dinesh for the wonderful and exciting welcome he and the Repute Team gave us during our last business trip to India.”

ADUE and REPUTE will be present together to the @DRINK TECHNOLOGY INDIA exhibition in Mumbai from 23 to 25 October.