Sugar, with water, is one of the main raw materials in the beverage industry. Granulated sugar dissolving to obtain sugar syrup represents one of the key steps for the preparation of all drinks.

A DUE can supply batch and continuous sugar dissolving systems.

The traditional batch systems are usually proposed for production lines of a low hourly flow rate. Depending on the percentage of sugar to be dissolved the following methods can be used:

hot dissolving,

cold dissolving.

Mixing can be carried out with the use of the following applications:

hydrojet systems (jet-mix),

special eccentric stirrers,

high shear systems.

To complement the dissolution process the following systems can be incorporated therein:

worm screw type sugar transfer and loading systems,


plate cooler.

For continuous sugar dissolving A DUE proposes EASY.Dinamix, a single unit on a self-supporting frame, of compact dimensions and simple to install, even in already existing syrup rooms.

After more than twenty years since its creation, EASY.Dinamix continues to be the continuous dissolver par excellence, ensuring constant performance and simplicity of use, owing to continual technical updates.

In the light of more than 100 industrial applications made, EASY.Dinamix places itself as a worldwide reference system in the field of continuous dissolving of white beet sugar and brown sugar from granulated sugar cane.

Completely automatic, EASY.Dinamix is built in a range of models that are able to cold or hot dissolve quantities of syrup of 3,000 to 30,000 l/h with concentrations of up to 82°Bx.

The system design features a limited number of components with the aim to simplify the various processing phases. Furthermore, a rational piping system makes it possible to recover the residual syrup and perform washing and sanitation operations.

For the hot version an integrated HTST pasteurization system is featured with a highly efficient heat recovery to guarantee maximum energy saving.

EASY.Dinamix is equipped with an electric panel, including a PLC and an HMI from which the operator can define and monitor all the normal functioning signals (enablings, recordings and controls of flow rate, temperature and °Brix) or, if necessary, the alarm signals.

The working cycle starts with water being loaded and then sugar being added, which can be fed with the mechanical or pneumatic delivery. At the same time a high capacity pump sucks the solution from the initial turbulent pre-dissolving tank and pushes it through the special final dissolving modular system with recirculation functioning.

The syrup concentration value is constantly checked with a refractometer and communicated to the PLC for data processing.

Only when the detected °Brix value coincides with the one set by the operator does the sugar syrup start to be transferred.

EASY.Dinamix – Continuous Sugar Dissolver

foto scheda tecnica DINAMIXsmall
Continuous sugar dissolving unit.

Suitable to treat granulated white beet sugar and / or brown cane sugar.

Hot and cold dissoving, at a temperature within the range 25 ÷ 85 °C.

Nominal production capacity: 500 ÷ 60.000 l/h.

foto scheda tecnica DINAMIXsmall°Bx tolerance: ± 0,15°Bx.

For hot Dissolving Unit at 85 °C, microbial content will not exceed 10 CFU/100 ml.

foto scheda tecnica DINAMIXsmallSugar feeding through worm screw conveyor or through pneumatic transport.

New filtration chamber technology.

Modular design for hot and cold dissolution.

foto scheda tecnica DINAMIXsmallReduced dissolution time thanks to the use of a specific diffuser nozzle.

Maximum efficiency without encreasing the installed electric power.

The plant can be equipped with a HTST pasteurization system integrated with thermal recovery to ensure maximum energy saving.