A DUE offers storage tanks and conveyance and dosage systems for receiving, storing and transferring granulated sugar.


A DUE supplies silos with high technical and qualitative performances in a wide range of shapes and sizes.

All the containers are designed and subject to specific checks in order to guarantee and certify their conformity with construction standards.

The silos may be:

outdoor, made of steel or aluminium alloys, i.e. AlMg3,

Indoor, made of “Trevira” fabric, equipped with a micropore structure that makes it pervious to air and allows internal product breathability.

The storage tanks may be equipped with various accessories.


A DUE is able to offer the pneumatic or mechanical delivery that is most suitable for each customer’s requirements.

All parts in contact with the product are built in stainless steel Aisi 304 or 316. The unit is supplied with a gearmotor and a chain drive.

The system is PLC-controlled and equipped with a Scada interface on the PC. It is also available in conformity with ATEX directives – Category 2GD/3GD.


The on-off valves are butterfly valves used to intercept gaseous flows and flows with granular and powder products. They cut off or balance suction in general and can be supplied with a manual or an electro-pneumatic control.

Diverter valves are used in the pneumatic conveyance lines to divert the flow of product from one pipe to two.

They are supplied in manual or pneumatic control versions with an actuator in conformity with ISO 5211 / DIN 3337 standards.

The diverter valve can be used without interrupting the flow of transport.


Sleeve filters

Filters with automatic compressed air cleaning used to separate powdery solid products suspended in the air or in other gaseous fluids.

They are equipped with a compressed air accumulation tank, a sleeve washing system and a hinged door which allows the sleeves to be removed from below and well checked.

They can be built in stainless steel Aisi 304 or 316 or aluminium.

Functional advantages:

high filtering capacity,
low load losses,
maximum washing filtering surface,
longer working life of the sleeves compared to mechanical shaking systems,
 no moving mechanical parts.

Filtering element

The choice of the filtering element in a filter is fundamental for it to perform and function well.

The choice depends above all on the following factors:

specific load,
product humidity,
working temperature,
product aggressiveness,
product inflammability.

Flat bottom extractors
Depending on the type of product, it is discharged tangentially with a specially profiled blade.

Vibration extractors
They extract products which do not flow freely towards the discharge mouth. The special constructive shapes guarantee a continuous and regular flow and eliminate the formation of unwanted deposits, bridges, uncontrolled flows and demixing.

The sugar worm screw elevator is the most commonly used equipment for the mechanical transport and volumetric dosage of powder and granular solid products.

Sugar worm screw elevators are built in the following versions:

a “U” profile closed with a watertight lid;
a tubular profile

The end bearing seals are built with a double ring. The chamber between the two rings may be pressurized. Any intermediate supports are built with bushes made of various special materials depending on the type of product. The bushes may be fluxed with compressed air.

They are available in the following versions:

carbon steel
stainless steel AISI 304 or AISI 316

They are driven by a gearmotor.

Also available in the version complying with the ATEX directive – category 2GD/3GD.