A DUE design, manufacture and install complete plants (EASY.RM) for salts and flavourings in-line micro dosing intended for the preparation of:

mineral water;
flavoured water;
functional water: anti-age, digestive, curative etc.;
alkaline water: with pH value increased over 8 ensuring beneficial properties, like better hydration, bio-availability of alkaline minerals, antioxidant power.

The EASY.RM system manages all phases of the mineral water recipe execution, i.e. dissolution, dosing and mixing of different chemical nature ingredients (flavours, salts, acids, vitamins, natural extracts, lemon juice, sugar substitutes, powder milk or cacao) as well as of different physical state (in powder, of crystalline structure, liquid) and contained in various type of packaging (bag, drum, pail etc.).

The system is designed in order to reach the pre-set contents of mineral salts in the water to be bottled. The main stages of the process are the following:

Mineral salts dissolving (concentrated solutions);
In-line and in continuous dosing of the concentrated solution;
Safety filtration for the undissolved salts;
Final disinfection by means of UV lamps, ozone (EASY.Ozone), or thermal treatment.

EASY.RM (remineralization)

Remineralization station, consisting of 3 or 4 mineral salt dosing units, to be installed downstream of the reverse osmosis.

It can be sized according to customer needs: quantity and type of salts, dosage in the water, etc.

Complete with salt dissolution systems and flow rate control.

The ideal solution to obtain water with the desired characteristics.

Also used for pH increase.

Flowrate from 10,000 l/h to 100,000 l/h each unit.

Each injection point is equipped with a static mixer (to guarantee a correct dissolution) and a conductivity meter, in order to control the process step by step.

Conductivity control downstream of each mineral injection.

Compact and expandable system according to the quantity of minerals to be dosed (both number of salts and desired concentration in ppm).

Continuous and automated operation capable of microfiltering down to 0.003 micron.

In-line control of pH, conductivity, flow rate.

Compact system built in stainless steel or plastic material according to needs.