A DUE S.p.A. has successfully applied for the funding of several projects to take place during the 2021 to 2022 period, including two programs for lifelong training financed respectively by FONDIMPRESA and FONDIRIGENTI; two projects for the EXPORT promotion, co-funded respectively by CAMERE DI COMMERCIO DELL’EMILIA ROMAGNA and by REGIONE EMILIA ROMAGNA together with FONDO EUROPEO DI SVILUPPO REGIONALE; and finally a digital innovation project, co-funded by CAMERA DI COMMERCIO, INDUSTRIA, ARTIGIANATO E AGRICOLTURA DI PARMA.

FIRST TRAINING PROGRAM FUNDED BY FONDIMPRESA: the training program aimed at the workforce periodic skill acquisition and/or updating.
Objectives: the course on innovative beverage preparation technologies to acquire technical skills for the design of plants and processes, the workplace safety course (PAV-PES) to ensure the staff direct involvement in the process of developing of a safety culture in the workplace; the public speaking course to make participants more effective, confident and incisive in public communications; the training courses on customs formalities, foreign taxation and export regulations to update the staff involved on the most recent applicable norms; the Software Ignition course to make better use of this integrated software platform.
Expected results: transversal acquisition / updating of the corporate skills necessary to maintain A DUE S.p.A. in the leading position in the beverage & food processing industrial sector.

SECOND TRAINING PROGRAM FUNDED BY FONDIMPRESA: “A managerial training course for the A DUE S.p.A. on-line positioning”. The training action is divided into 3 modules: “Setting up the social marketing plan”; “Measurement and protection of the e-reputation”; “Management of events and technical seminars online”.
Project Description: due to the pandemic, most of the marketing and after-sales assistance activities have been rerouted to digital channels, that inevitably required the business model adaptation through investing in innovation and digital transformation of commercial and business practices.
Objectives: to strengthen multi-channel strategies; re-orienting marketing activities towards digital marketing, in particular on Social Media Marketing, with a structured use of new digital channels for the technical assistance and training activity management; increase brand visibility and corporate reputation.
Expected results: encourage segmentation and customization strategies of the offer and facilitate the sales increase, also opening up new business opportunities within new markets.

FIRST EXPORT PROMOTION PROJECT: “A multi-channel and multimedia strategy for commercial penetration, integrated and enhanced by the regulatory, technical aspects together with product and service innovation”.
Project Description: being targeted to such leading-edge technology markets as the UK and Ireland, the commercial action of A DUE S.p.A., in order to be successful, should be supported by the proper technical-regulatory, product innovation and Service aspects. For this reason, the project includes, in addition to the promotional activities (website optimization, social media and Google ADS campaigns), UKCA brand certification consultancy, the creation of a technical video of the innovative EASY.AirBox product, the implementation of the website with the new sections “online spare parts” and “EASY.SITE” (the tool for the remote guided installation of A DUE SpA systems). In this course of action the company is supported by a Temporary Export Manager having a long-term experience in the food & drink processing machinery export within the concerned markets.
Objectives: to increase exports to the target countries (UK, Ireland, South Africa) by identifying local agents and case-by-case collaborations, participation in trade fairs and direct contacts with potential customers.
Expected results: creation of a network  of contacts to support the commercial penetration in these markets.
Project is co-funded by Camere di commercio dell’Emilia-Romagna and Regione Emilia Romagna – Bid for DIGITAL EXPORT 2021.

Emilia Romagna

“We start from and with Europe with the launch of a digital & face-to-face action plan: Drinktec 2022 and Food processing Ukraine 2021 virtual event to bolster the presence of A DUE S.p.A. on European markets”.

Project description: participation in a virtual trade fair (Food processing Ukraine 2021, that consists of: online exhibition, virtual B2B meetings; technical and training seminars) and in one in-person event (Drinktec 2022: world’s leading trade fair for the beverage and liquid food industry). The target countries of the project are the European ones, as they can be approached more easily in the pandemic context.

Objectives: the commercial strategy of A DUE S.p.A. is based not only on the excellent quality/price ratio and product and service customization, but also on interpersonal relationships with the customers. In this period when the relationships are mainly digital, A DUE S.p.A. intends to approach this new way of presenting its services and products, while maintaining the face-to-face relations that best reflects its SME vocation.
Results: consolidation of relations with existing customers; new industrial and commercial collaborations with strategic partners, in Europe and beyond; acquisition of new skills to increase the company’s competitiveness also through digital relationships.
Project co-funded by Fondo Europeo di Sviluppo Regionale – Bid for export project promotion and for participation in trade fairs 2021, II call.

“Increase customer loyalty by ensuring safety of communication and information exchange, data protection, traceability and identification of the industrial product of A DUE S.p.A“.
Project co-funded by Camera di Commercio, Industria, Artigianato e Agricoltura di Parma – Digital Innovation 2021 Bid.