Reverse Osmosis (RO) is one of the basic phases of the water treatment: it removes dissolved salts, particles, colloids, organics, bacteria and pyrogens from the water.

A DUE can offer Reverse Osmosis system (EASY.RO) with high performance (up to 90% of water recovery) and with membrane sanification by means of cold or hot cleaning solutions.

Reverse Osmosis can remove more than 90 ÷ 99.99% of all the dissolved contaminants including Lead, Mercury, Calcium, Iron, Asbestos and Cysts Manganese, Iron, Fluoride, Lead, Calcium, and many compounds (i.e., Perchlorate, Arsenic, Cyanide, etc.) that are difficult to remove by other treatment methods.

EASY.RO - Reverse Osmosis

Stand-alone unit for the treatment of spring water, city water, surface water to be used for the preparation of food & beverage or for other food or industrial purposes.

Used as a pre-treatment or in case of water remineralization.

Also suitable for the treatment of concentrates from existing reverse osmosis systems.

Molecular filtration system capable of eliminating from the water mineral salts and microorganisms less than 0.001 micron.

Flowrate from 10,000 l/h to 100,000 l/h each unit.

Water recovery up to 90%. Possibility of multistage or multi-step osmosis units.

Availability of fully automated or semi-automatic units.

Possibility of double-pass osmosis.

Integrated CIP system with the possibility of hot membrane washing.