Extensive experience gained in the field allows A DUE to offer a wide range of solutions covering the phases of final syrup batch preparation, as well as processing of finished drink, water with mineral salts, juices with pulps or slurry and other particular products.

With the batching system all the ingredients are measured, proportioned and dosed in special mixing tanks dedicated for final syrup preparation.

A DUE tanks are designed “tailored” to the specific product and its rheological, chemical and physical characteristics.

Special mixing stirrers (vertical agitator, JET MIX systems, low speed multi-blade agitator, single blade agitator, counter-rotating shaft agitator, etc.), ensure perfect homogeneity of the product being mixed, even at low temperature and in presence of pulp, fruit pieces or suspended particles.

The tanks may be equipped with any type of accessory and electronic control instrument. Tests can be performed (degrees bx, acidity, colour control) directly in the tank.

Special Mixing design for sensitive product (Fluent® SW analysis)


The system is designed in order to reach the pre-set contents of mineral salts in the water to be bottled.The main stages of the process are the following:

 Mineral salts dissolving in water (mineral salts high content stock solution);
 Stock solution dilution in the water destined to remineralising;
 Safety filtration for the undissolved salts;
 Final disinfection (UV treatment or ozonisation).