A DUE’s CIP UNIT are able to ensure maximum hygiene of the process system and filling group.

A DUE can provide manual, automatic or semi-automatic CIP UNIT that may be adapted to already existing process technologies if necessary.

A DUE’s CIP UNIT are modular systems and suitable for further expansion, moreover, they allow to control all the main sanitizing process parameters (washing cycles, detergent and disinfectant concentration, contact times, temperature) for an efficient removal of organic material, biofilm and excellent disinfection.

However, to obtain excellent sanification/sterilization process results it is important for all the piping and equipment involved in the production process to be designed and built very carefully to ensure the absence of stagnation points that are difficult to clean.


foto scheda tecnica CIPs
Modular CIP unit for processing plant washing.

Possibility to manage different washing programs simultaneously and to recover up to 4 washing solutions.

foto scheda tecnica CIPs

Control of all key CIP parameters: washing cycles, concentrations of detergents and disinfectants, contact times and temperatures.

Possibility of self-washing (CIP of CIP).

Fully programmable with wide range of treatment configurations.

Energy recovery and low consumptions.

foto scheda tecnica CIPs
Modular skid available without tanks (in case of use of existing tanks).