Thanks to a series of studies and tests, A DUE has succeeded in optimizing, from an eco-sustainable point of view, its CIP UNIT EASY.Clean for the cleaning of processing plants, ensuring the best possible performance, in the shortest time and with the lowest consumption of water and energy.
It is possible to halve the energy consumption by using the total thermal insulation (including roof and bottom) of the hot storage tanks intended to keep detergents at a temperature. The savings obtained in less than 18 months offset the higher purchase cost; in the case under study, the reduction of CO2 emissions is about 20 tons per year.
Pilot tests on tank rinsing technologies have shown that the use of the rotary spray ball or rotary jet head compared to the static device guarantees savings from 30% to 70% in terms of both water and time; in the worst case, the payback period is about one year for the rotary spray ball and three years for the rotary jet head. Moreover, during some rinsing phases, the use of burst rinsing allows to halve the execution time and to save of about 25% of rinse water.

Tests were also carried out to enhance the mechanical washing performance through air blowing creating greater turbulence.
A new smart plant design, combining the caustic soda tank with a second minor capacity tank, allows to implement cleaning phases with different steps, temperatures, times or specific chemicals, depending on the degree of soiling to be removed in the various parts of the system, reducing consumption and washing times.
Studies are underway on alternative chemicals for tank disinfection, including water-dissolved ozone, with the aim to ensure considerable water savings, as well as chemical purchase, storage and disposal costs reduction.
Other aspect addressed by A DUE for the optimization of EASY.Clean is an in-depth study of the lay-out to reduce pipe lengths, thereby saving time, water, dispersion and energy. All managed by cutting-edge automation software that also allows the monitoring of plant performance through appropriate key performance indicators (KPI).

CIP UNIT balance tank

CIP UNIT Insulated tank

CIP UNIT washing nozzles