Chlorination system

A DUE can offer various system for water disinfection to reduce the bacterial load within the values ​​established by law, by means of physical or chemical disinfectants: UV irradiation and Chlorine or Ozone Dosage.

The water entering the treatment plant generally undergoes a dosage of Sodium Hypochlorite carried out by means of specific piston dosing pumps for the Chlorine inline injection.

Water disinfection takes place inside a contact tank granting the proper action time of the disinfectant.

To ensure that disinfection has taken place, an automatic system for residual chlorine control is installed at the tank outlet.

The dosage of Sodium Hypochlorite is proportional to the incoming water flowrate, which is controlled by an electromagnetic flowmeter.

A DUE can offer Ozone dosing systems (EASY.Ozone) with different design: fully automatic, semi-automatic, with or without contact tank. All of them ensuring a perfect water disinfection through an accurate Ozone dosage.

A DUE sanitizing systems take advantage of Ozone’s very strong oxidizing power, short reaction time, effectiveness in a wide pH range.

EASY.Ozone eliminate a wide variety of microbiological agents including bacteria, viruses, and protozoans, as well as taste and odour problems.

A DUE UV sterilization groups are made up of UV Lamps (wave length of 253 nm), mounted in a 316L stainless steel irradiation chamber, granting up to 12.000 hours of continuous operating time.

The UV dose of 40 mJ/cm2 assures at least 4 logs inactivation of any pathogenic microorganisms.

The system can accommodate UV lamps of various international brands and it’s equipped with group of pumps and safety filter.

Ultraviolet (UV) rays penetrate and eliminate harmful pathogens in water by attacking their genetic core (DNA).

Ultraviolet water purification is effective and safe: 99.99% of harmful microorganisms are destroyed without adding chemicals or affecting your water’s taste or odour.

Water chlorination

Water chlorination unit installed upstream of the water treatment.

In-line injection of chlorine allows water disinfection prior to the treatment.

A tank installed downstream guarantees a correct contact time of the chlorine in the water.

Standard group but which can be customized according to the flow rate of water to be treated and the sodium hypochlorite concentration available to the customer.

Capacity from 0,5 up to 10 l/h of disinfecting solution

Automatic injection of sodium hypochlorite in order to guarantee a value between 1 and 5 PPM of residual chlorine depending on the capacity of the water treatment system.

The sodium hypochlorite dosage is proportional to the water flow rate controlled by an electromagnetic flow meter.

Injection flow rate proportional to the water flow rate to be treated.

Wide range of treatable flow rates.

Residual chlorine control.

UV Group

UV lamps for process water sterilization.

They can be installed in various points of the water treatment: upstream of RO, at the end of the water treatment and before bottling, on the delivery line to Carbomix.

Also used for the reduction of Chlorine/chloramines and destruction/reduction of Ozone present in the treated water.

Ideal to be used for continuous production.

Flowrate from 10,000 l/h to 100,000 l/h each unit.

Sized to guarantee a UV dose in the range 40 ÷ 120 mJ/cm2.

Lamps with ultraviolet light at 254 nm capable of destroying / inactivating the microorganisms in the water and guaranteeing correct sterilization.

Irradiation chamber with internal diffusers for excellent irradiation of the product.

The system is complete with irradiation control probe and temperature control probe.

Compact system suitable for continuous operation.

The version suitable for hot CIP is also available.

Irradiation probe for ultraviolet light dosage control.

Temperature control probe.

EASY.Ozone - Ozonizer

Stand-alone unit for water disinfection.

If installed upstream of the fillers, the residual ozone guarantees the sterilization of the cap and headspace of the filled and capped bottle.

Guarantee of correct sterilization of the water before bottling thanks to the ozone oxidizing properties.

Guarantee of of residual ozone quantity for the sterilization of the inner part of the bottle caps.

Flowrate from 10,000 l/h to 100,000 l/h each unit.

The standard unit is complete with a contact tank in order to guarantee a water/ozone contact time (from 3 to 5 minutes) to obtain optimum disinfectant effect.

The ozone quantity can be adjusted in proportion to the water characteristics (flow rate, temperature, pH, etc.) and according to the residual ozone quantity (0,2÷1 ppm).

Safe system equipped with ozone destroyer and ozone detection in the environment.

Continuous operation.

Automatic start & stop management vs filling systems with guaranteed high performance.

Micro-dosages are possible thanks to the Ozonizer equipped with in-line dosage (without tank), very useful in the event of the presence of Bromides (max 6 ppb) in the water to be treated.

The version with water cooling for a better guarantee of Ozone dosage and disinfectant action is also available.