Using water with the highest quality standards is crucial to ensure the quality of the drinks produced.
A DUE design, manufacture and install tailored Water Treatment Plants (EASY.Water) for the well, spring and city water intended for production and bottling of all types of beverages. A DUE WTP include:

 management of the factory inlet water (water intake, lamella settlers, flotators, preliminary disinfection, storage);
 filtration systems for ions, metals and odour reduction: self-cleaning, dual media, carbon filters;
 depth filtration: Ultra Filtration, Reverse Osmosis, Cartridge Filters;
 disinfection before final using : UV, Ozone, Thermal Sterilization.

Starting from the initial water analysis and characteristics, treatments and technologies are combined to reach the desired quality of treated water.
Thanks to the know-how achieved over the years with the support of international suppliers and by using high quality components, A DUE can supply fully automatic plants, equipped with all the control instruments, capacity from 10 to 150 mc/h, reduced maintenance times and operative costs.


Sometimes water can need for other treatments, therefore A DUE is able to offer efficient solutions for:

Water Re-mineralization: in-line micro dosing of salts and aromas for the preparation of mineral waters, including flavoured, functional and alkaline waters;
Water Deaeration (by vacuum or by gas stripping), when preparing oxidation sensitive products;
Water Carbonation, when adding carbon dioxide is required.


Water is the main ingredient for beverage preparation but it is also a vital resource to be preserved and recovered.
A DUE can help you turn water wastage to profits. We offer a variety of industry specific solutions that help you to recover water that can be reused in your factory.
The Niagara Technology, developed by A DUE, allow to reduce water consumption and wastage in the beverage industry through recovery and reuse inside the production facility. Thanks to this integrated approach, A DUE can grant tangible water savings.

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Complete Water Treatment Plant