ADUE S.p.A. is at the forefront in promoting respect for the environment and the saving of natural resources, social stability and the wellbeing of the communities in which it operates, acting on two complementary fronts: the eco-sustainable design of the industrial plants supplied to its customers and the low impact of its production infrastructure.

ADUE’s Digital-Green Engineering is to reduce the CO2 emissions from its machinery through circular processes, technological and digital innovations for the optimisation and reuse of natural resources and the reduction of waste and refuse.

ADUE systems, through the collection and processing of data also coming from IoT field sensors, guarantees continuous monitoring and display of energy consumption as well as production parameters.

As far as its production infrastructure is concerned, ADUE has modern facilities that enable resource-efficient and environmentally friendly production. In fact, the plant that has housed the offices (approximately 1500 m2) and production (approximately 2500 m2) since early 2018 is newly built, designed and made to guarantee maximum insulation and lower energy consumption (LED lights, building automation, heat pump heating, etc.).

It produces renewable energy from its own photovoltaic system (installed power approximately 100 kWp).

Thanks to its commitment, ADUE can boast the EcoVadis Silver medal, which evaluates and certifies sustainability performance using criteria based on international standards.

ADUE is constantly striving to improve its performance in terms of sustainability and periodically undergoes third-party audits focused on Health and Safety, Labour standards, Business Ethics and the Environment.

In order to be able to approach the challenges of Sustainability in an even more proactive way, ADUE has undertaken the process of adopting the Organisational and Management Model pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001.

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