The A DUE’s EASY.ICU is a new stand-alone compact unit for the online powders dissolution by cavitation.

Simple, cost-effective and easy to integrate into the existing installations, this functional automated monoblock embodies the various functions of the operator into a single, compact and ergonomic work station for loading, dosing and dissolving and/or dispersing powder ingredients in water.

Thanks to the high-performance cavitation system, the EASY.ICU can dissolve powders typical for food industry, even the most hard-to-dissolve ones like beverage stabilizers (used to improve consistency and stability of the final beverage). This is a particularly salient point in the production of the drinks containing particulates (e.g. fruit pieces or cells) and innovative ingredients (e.g. rice, oats, coconut and almond derivatives, etc.).

Therefore the EASY.ICU allows to prepare perfectly dispersed, homogeneous and stable solutions of pectin (up to 2.5%); Carboxymethylcellulose CMC (up to 2%); Xanthan gum (up to 1.5%), and not only.

The unit operation is very simple and includes water in-line loading, powders transfer and dosage, continuous output of the desired concentration solution which will then be transferred to the storage tank.

Other advantages of this solution are: nor storage neither recirculation tank are required, the system parameters and the total quantity of powder can be adjusted through the PLC/HMI, as well as the water flow rate and therefore the final concentration of the solution.

To learn more about In-line cavitation unit EASY.ICU visit the video gallery, product section, on or the corporate YouTube channel.

EASY.ICU mod. 060, cap. 6.000 l/h

EASY.ICU in operation with ingredient loading in execution