Since 1967 ADUE di Squeri Donato & C. S.p.A. has specialised in the design, construction and installation of beverage preparation and water treatment systems.
ADUE’s syrup rooms (EASY.Room) are suitable for preparing juices and non-carbonated drinks, carbonated drinks and hard seltzers, milk or plant-based drinks, fantasy drinks, non-alcoholic beer and flavoured water.
ADUE offers tailor-made solutions, in which fully automatic systems and integrated controls guarantee maximum quality and total recovery of the finished product, with rapid format changeover, in line with current market demands.
Flexible and modular systems for a future increase in production capacity, for all types of packaging (glass, can, PET, cardboard) and any filling technology (cold, hot or aseptic).
Maximum attention is also paid to sustainability: thanks to continuous investment in R&D, ADUE can guarantee substantial savings in energy, water, raw materials and chemicals.
Completely MADE in ITALY, ADUE’s EASY.Room syrup rooms are in operation at leading bottling companies worldwide (Carlsberg, Coca Cola, Danone, Heineken, Nestlé Group, Orangina, Pepsi Cola, etc.).

In principle, the EASY.Room syrup rooms consist of an area for sugar reception and dissolution and sugar syrup treatment, including hydraulic sugar loading, the EASY.Dinamix continuous sugar dissolver, EASY.Therm pasteuriser or UV disinfection system.
The mixing areas differ according to the type of drink; in short, for carbonated drinks (CSD) and for non-carbonated drinks (e.g., fruit juice).
CSD stream: powder mixing and flavour dosing, handling of concentrates in drums and IBCs, specific systems for difficult-to-dissolve powders, mixing tanks, EASY.Therm pasteuriser, EASY.Carbomix Carboblender.
Juice stream: powder mixing and flavour dosing, handling of concentrates in drums, specific systems for dissolving stabilisers, mixing tanks, EASY.ThermA aseptic pasteuriser, EASY.ATK aseptic tank.
ADUE completes its EASY.Room syrup rooms with EASY.Water water treatment systems by ADUE and with the EASY.Clean CIP unit.
All with the maximum guarantee of process control, traceability and cybersecurity as it is automated by EASY.DriveADUE’s proprietary SCADA software.
Cutting edge technology, a strong focus on innovation, a highly qualified and experienced team. That’s why ADUE has the right solution to prepare your ideal beverage!