Since 1967 A DUE S.p.A. designs, manufactures and installs complete and automated plants for the preparation of any type of syrup, concentrate or final beverage, and now can boast among its customers such international brands as Carlsberg, Coca Cola, Danone, Heineken, Nestlé Group, Pepsi Cola, RC Cola,Suntory Orangina,etc.

A DUE provides a proper solution to satisfy any customer’s need, starting from the receipt of the raw materials (sugar, powder components, concentrates, juices etc.) up to the filler feeding, including the process water treatment (WTP), the interface for all types of filling, the supply of service equipment (Boiler, Chiller, Tower, etc.).

A DUE multifunctional SYRUP ROOMS (EASY.Room) are completely tailor-made, with the output ranging between 2.000 and 300.000 l/h: available in manual, semiautomatic or fully automatic running, including computerized management (through the new EASY.Drive SCADA developed by A DUE team) of all preparation phases.

In the A DUE SYRUP ROOMS, for the in-line and continuous dosing, mixing and carbonation, the high-tech equipment is employed, i.e. EASY.InLine (“In-line Blending” for the continuous preparation of the finished syrup or final beverage), EASY.Carbomix (automatic mixing and carbonating system for the in-line preparation of carbonated and non-carbonated drinks) as well as EASY.MD (stand-alone module for the in-line and continuous micro-dosing of sweeteners, products used in minute quantities as an alternative to sucrose to reduce the beverage caloric value).

EASY.MD allows to manage the micro-dosing of acesulfame, cyclamate, aspartame, saccharine, neotame, sucralose, etc. ensuring strict accuracy of the Brix degree (± 0,03°Bx) and density (+/- 0.001 g/l), high dosing precision (+/- 0.25% in weight), with Cp and Cpk exceeding 1.33 in the final product and the total losses of the ingredients inside the pipework or equipment less than 0,01% in volume.

The SYRUP ROOMS are equipped with systems for the pasteurization of simple syrup, finished syrup and final drink (EASY.Therm plate or tubular pasteurizing units) and with EASY.Clean sanitation systems (CIP UNIT with manual or fully automatic operation of the washing cycles).

Efficient and fast commissioning thanks to the pre-assembly and pre-testing of all the SYRUP ROOMS prior to shipment. Over 99.5% of the installations result in full compliance with the project quality requirements within the established deadlines.