Customized, simple and intuitive.

A full range of assistance service as well as installation and start-up of its systems can be provided by A DUE either through its technical staff at site or, thanks to EASY.SITE, working remotely in synergy with the customer.
EASY.SITE steers and accompanies step by step the customer who intends to proceed with the on-site activities independently, while also constantly assisted through procedures and operation instructions defined and tailor-made for the specific project and taking advantage of the online assistance of A DUE qualified staff.
Following specific drawings and guidelines (videos, photos, simulations, etc.) the end user is able, under the continuous supervision of A DUE, to receive, position, assemble and test the equipment using local personnel.
The EASY.SITE core is composed of a customized road-map, complementary to the technical project drawings, with the step-by-step sequence of all the activities, in which for each step a list of documents is provided, containing the detailed operating instructions, the key steps, critical points and the list of equipment and tools required for on-site installation.
A special section, EASY.HowTo, with the help of videos, instructions, allows the guided execution of complete I / O test of all system components, before the testing and start-up phases.

Throughout the entire process, the A DUE project team is always present, both online and in virtual weekly alignment meetings. A DUE also offers an on-site control intervention by one of its technicians on completion of the operations.
EASY.SITE, based on Microsoft Teams, is accessible through main mobile devices (laptop, smartphone, tablet) and is compatible with Android/IOS, for workgroup chat, file sharing (drawings, images, videos), organization of virtual meetings and video calls with online augmented reality assistance (thanks to the Microsoft Dynamic Assistance tool).
EASY.SITE is completed by My.EASY, the new A DUE system for project management based on Microsoft SharePoint: a personalized online and in-cloud area where the project team can manage all the project phases as well as information and communications relating to the project.
In this way, the customer has a completely customized, integrated and connected system providing a full range service, from order confirmation to installation and after-sales assistance.
Thus, the customer has the advantage of being able to independently manage the local staff and the installation time schedule and also to acquire specific and advanced skills ensuring greater autonomy and increasing awareness in the future management of the plant.

Instructions for fuse voltage control

Digital sensors guided check

Instructions to check the correspondence HMI Field of the Pressure Transmitter