ADUE S.p.A. has been designing, building and installing Water Treatment Systems for over 20 years and Beverage Preparation Systems for over 55 years. Tailor-made solutions can offer fully automatic systems and guarantee maximum quality and safety.

Water rich in heavy metals is often a problem for customers; therefore, ADUE offers treatment to make it suitable for food use. These substances, in addition to being potentially harmful to human health, can damage Reverse Osmosis, the heart of all modern water treatments.

Usual pre-treatments such as sand filter and/or pyrolusite strongly reduce the presence of Iron and Manganese, but are inefficient in the case of Arsenic, Uranium and Vanadium; metals that are difficult to eliminate even by Reverse Osmosis. Considerable quantities of these metals are found in waters where the subsoil is naturally rich in them (e.g. Central and Latin America) or as a result of pollution processes. In these cases, the legal limits are often exceeded (Arsenic: 10 µg/l; Uranium: 30 µg/l; Vanadium: 50 µg/l).

ADUE proposes a metal reduction system by means of a simple and economical filter system consisting of: a pressure filter (2.5÷3 bar) filled with Ferric Hydroxide, which acts as an adsorbent medium. In this way, the water, passing through the tank from top to bottom, is purified of heavy metals.

Adsorption efficiency is highest at the beginning (Arsenic content tends to zero), but gradually decreases. When the ‘adsorbent’ medium has exhausted its capacity, it must be removed and replaced (usually after 3 years).

Tank geometry is designed according to working parameters, e.g. 3÷4 minutes of contact time, filtration speed less than 20 m/h. Space must be left at the top of the tank for optimal backwashing operations. ADUE ‘s modular solutions can adapt to different needs: from 50 m3/h to up to 500 m3/h with the use of several systems in parallel.

The standard controls of ADUE systems are: pH, flow rate, differential pressures; Arsenic content.

The solution is complete with: disinfection unit through chlorination; self-cleaning prefilter; sand filter; adsorption unit with Iron Hydroxide (for Arsenic removal); carbon filter to remove residual Chlorine; RO; final disinfection with UV or Ozone in-line.

All with the maximum guarantee of process control, traceability and cybersecurity as it is automated by EASY.DriveADUE ‘s proprietary SCADA software.

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