Water is the main resource of our planet: unfortunately the quantity and quality of available water risk becoming inadequate for our needs.
A DUE being aware of this, has developed a series of large-scale solutions for the purification, treatment and recovery of the water used inside the production facility.

Water treatment plants for the well, spring and city water intended for production and bottling of all types of beverages. Depending on the initial characteristics and on the desired quality of the finished product, the water undergoes such treatments as: disinfection by means of chlorine or ozone (EASY.Ozone); filtration/microfiltration/ultrafiltration (EASY.UF); reverse osmosis, cold and hot (EASY.RO); UV sterilization.

Moreover, A DUE can also offer a re-mineralization system (EASY.RM) for salts and flavourings in-line micro dosing intended for the preparation of mineral water, including flavoured or functional (anti-age, digestive, curative etc.) and alkaline (with pH value increased over 8 ensuring beneficial properties, including better hydration and bio-availability of alkaline minerals, antioxidant power) water.

The EASY.RM system manages all phases of the mineral water recipe execution, i.e. dosing and mixing of different chemical nature ingredients (flavours, salts, acids, vitamins, natural extracts, lemon juice, sugar substitutes, powder milk or cacao) as well as of different physical state (in powder, of crystalline structure, liquid) and contained in various type of packaging (bag, drum, pail etc.)

Thanks to a combination of innovative technical solutions and water treatment technologies this system allows to recover and re-use the water originated during the processes of beverage preparation and filling and destined to be drained.

The water thus obtained can be reused for the processing purposes (product preparation, product pipework rinsing, bottle rinsing), as well as for the industrial (evaporative tower, chiller, steam boiler, service fluids, pipe work, CIP washing solutions) and civil ones (sanitary facilities, irrigation and general cleaning).

Therefore, the A DUE solutions result in tangible savings and all-embracing thorough management of such vital resource as water.

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