EASY.SherpaV: your digital assistant to perform manual operations in the beverage industry.

This new vision system, thanks to digital technologies, is able to guarantee the correct execution of the manual ingredient insertion phases during the beverage preparation.

Especially suitable for liquid and powder minor ingredients.


  • Recipe execution supervision with elimination of human errors.
  • Automatic tracking of the ingredients used.
  • Automatic acquisition of the information necessary for the preparation of production reports.
  • Elimination of production waste due to incorrect execution of the formulation sequence.


  • Digital control of the quantity, point and sequence of incorporation of the “minor ingredients” that need to be poured into special mixing tanks or to be dissolved or diluted according to recipe specifications.
  • Guarantee that the correct ingredient is poured in the right quantity into the correct tank at the right time.


  • It interfaces with the recipe management software programs, assisting the operator step-by-step in adding the various minor ingredients, authorising or preventing it through visual or sound signals and/or physical barriers
  • Technology applicable to existing systems, for a digital up-grade.