A DUE developed the new EASY.AirBox system for purifying the air in contact with “sensitive” processes or products, such as natural drinks (and their ingredients) distinguished by a low content of preservatives, for which a greater guarantee of protection from possible airborne contamination is required.
EASY.AirBox uses no chemicals, instead the treatment involves air filtration and disinfection technologies (UV sanitizing lamp and HEPA H14 antibacterial filter), combined so as to ensure maximum effectiveness. The continuous operation dynamically reduces airborne particle and microbial contamination.
Featuring hygienic design with stainless steel execution, EASY.AirBox is simple and cost-effective, small, service-friendly device with easy and limited maintenance and low running costs. Being a stand-alone unit ready for installation, it can be easily and quickly integrated into existing systems with no production downtime.
The purification process is fully automated thanks to the backlit control panel, which displays all the operation information and allows the air flow adjustment (from 30 to 300 m3/h). Alarms included: filter clogging sensor, UV sensor, maintenance.
The machine consists of a pre-filter, with ISO coarse 55% filtration degree, which performs a primary filtration, retaining more than 50% of the 0.3 ÷ 10 µm particles.
The air is sucked through the pre-filter by means of a blower to be then conveyed into the UV irradiation chamber, where it undergoes disinfection thanks to the continuous UV-C radiation bombardment, 254 nm wavelength, to achieve maximum germicidal effect.

Then the air is subjected to the final safety filtration with HEPA H14 filter (99.995% filtration degree), which acts as a sterile barrier, ensuring a 5 log pathogen reduction.
There are three separate outlets for managing the sterile air flow, with the possibility of connecting multiple utilities at the same time. The possible applications are listed below:

1. The “INSIDE” application to protect the product stored inside a tank. Suitable for every fluid type, i.e. water, sugar syrup, finished drinks, yogurt, milk, edible oils, etc. When the tank level is constant, EASY.AirBox ensures a sterile air headspace in contact with product surface and prevents outside air (that may cause contamination) from entering the tank. During the fluid withdrawal phase, the sterile air introduced by EASY.AirBox compensates the level lowering, thus preserving the product from external contamination. EASY.AirBox allows simultaneous pressurization of several tanks.

2. The “ON SITE” application: for the protection of work areas delimited in the specific point of insufflation of sterile air: emptying, filling, capping areas, etc.

3. The “IN SITE” application: for the protection of indoor work areas: storage areas for raw materials, ingredients and semi-finished products, final products.

Protect your sensitive product from airborne contamination

EASY.AirBox by ADUE: compact and easy to install

EASY.AirBox by ADUE uses various treatment technologies

EASY.AirBox by ADUE uses various treatment technologies