Are you facing problems with mixing instructions? Wrong ingredient? Wrong sequence? Wrong inlet point? In the worst cases these errors cannot be corrected and the prepared product must be discarded.

Don’t worry: EASY.SherpaV, the digital assistant set up by ADUE, is the SOLUTION! It can end the troubles related to the manual operations in the beverage industry. In particular, the loading of minor ingredients (multiple loading point, many ingredients, similar container, unclear labels).


For this reason, EASY.SherpaV aroused strong interest at the Drinktec fair in Germany, during which it was presented to the main players in the sector.

This new vision system developed by A DUE, thanks to digital technologies, guarantees the correct execution of the manual ingredient insertion phases during the drink preparation.

EASY.SherpaV interfaces with the recipe management software programs, assisting the operator step-by-step in adding the various ingredients, authorising or preventing it through visual or sound signals.

Benefits: elimination of human errors; elimination of production waste due to incorrect execution of the mixing instructions; automatic tracking of the ingredients used; automatic acquisition of the information necessary for the preparation of production reports; digital up-grade of existing systems.

Furthermore, the system does not require any maintenance, it has low running costs and it can be easily integrated into existing systems.

Interface between the recipe management software and the vision box

The fixed camera checks the ingredient directly on the loading point

A visual signal authorizes or prevent the operator from adding the ingredient