We will be present at Drinktec which will be held in Munich from 12th to 16th September. You will find us in Hall A6, stand 303, with innovative solutions able to guarantee the highest quality and safety of water and drinks.

EASY.AirBox: the unit to purify air in contact with sensitive products and processes, protecting them from airborne contamination. EASY.AirBox does not use chemicals, but air filtration and disinfection technologies (prefilter, UV sanitizing lamp and HEPA H14 antibacterial filter), with fully automated management of the purification process. The purified air flow can simultaneously feed up to 3 utilities. A compact and ready-to-install stand-alone unit.

EASY.SherpaV: the new vision system which, thanks to digital technologies, guarantees the correct execution of the manual insertion phases of the ingredients during the preparation of the drink. Particularly suitable for liquid and powder minor ingredients. EASY.SherpaV, interfacing with the recipe management software programs, eliminates human error, assisting the operator step-by-step in adding the various ingredients. After verifying the correctness of the quantity, point and sequence of incorporation of the specific ingredient, EASY SherpaV authorises (or prevents) its insertion by means of visual or sound signals. Reduction of production waste, increased productivity, complete product traceability, 4.0 upgrade of the preparation system.

EASY.RM: units for preparing water with personalised formulation through the precision dosage of aromas and/or salts. Independent and automated modular units, with operator station complete with monitor; dosing precision of up to 2 ppm.

Remineralisation: dissolution of powdered salt (e.g., calcium and magnesium salts) and subsequent dosage of the resulting solution. Maximum accuracy in the preparation of the solution thanks to the methods of loading the ingredients and controls with special sensors.

Flavouring: dosage of the concentrated aroma (e.g., lemon, orange mint, etc.) directly from the drum by means of special pumps; additional controls can be added according to specific requests.

We look forward to seeing you at Drinktec to meet your needs and celebrate our 55th year of business together.

EASY.AirBOx purifies the air in contact with the product stored in a tank

EASY.SherpaV: your digital assistant in performing manual operations

EASY.RM: mineral salts and aromas for your ideal water